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Oh, there are rules in mixed martial arts, but not many, and most relate to gouging eyes or attempting soccer-style kicks to the head of a downed opponent.

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A pressing question we’ll further explore in my list of… In fact, here is a picture of their baby, just one day old…! Left in shame after losing a dance-off with The Fresh Beat mini-mes (a.k.a.

Top 10 Theories Explaining Why Shayna Rose REALLY Left The Fresh Beat Band 10.

When guys turn stuff down, she's like, 'You p------, give it to me.' When you talk about a franchise player—anything we need, she's there for us." According to commission records, Rousey earned 0,000 for her last fight, a bargain for the UFC considering that she has become one of their top pay-per-view draws.

Granted, he's not a man given to understatement, but UFC president Dana White proclaims, "She's the greatest athlete I've ever worked with.

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She's a crossover star, invigorating the sport with a mix of brute force, unsettling candor, down-to-earth celebrity and a gleeful embracing of her fame.Every single person that they see in the day either gains financial stability, status, something from that person.I think one of the most pure things in the world is that there's no yes man that can yes your way into a win or yes your way out of getting your ass kicked.Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go!She has mastered that balance between being a superwoman and an everywoman, a champion but also a champion of the people.

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Women would enter the Octagon only when prancing in heels and micro-bikinis between rounds.

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