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Perfect for small woolly buggers, emergers, and other soft hackle patterns.

Visit; Metz hackle, now owned and operated by Umpqua is the hackle that set the standard back in the 70's and 80's.

To see available colors in both rooster and hen capes, saddles, soft hackle with chickaboo and bird fir, please visit my page: Here is the best of the best! Hook sizes on Whiting Euro Hackle saddles range from 10's and 12's and a few larger.

To see other colors I have available, please visit my page; Whiting Hackle Packs Like this color but don't need that many feathers? Available in more than midge, you can choose from sizes 10 to 32's in both 25 and 100 packs.

For other colors, please visit my page; - I've completley redesigned this page, offering a side by side comaprison of dry fly hackle from each of the major hackle growers, all on one page.

From Whiting Gold capes to Indian capes, be sure and check out my page; Subsurface feeding accounts for 90% of a trouts diet. To see all the choices, please visit; - There are more feathers listed on this page than any other. From wings to shoulders, throats, bellies, and cheeks - you'll find feathers for them all here; - Harry Darbee was a pioneer in the development of genetic hackle. Today, a small flock has been preserved, take a look; - Dating back to 1624, Coq de Leon, or the "rooster of Leon" is the oldest line of birds bred for their feathers.

The feathers have flexible stems, a high barb density, and stiff barbs. For those of you who have yet to tie with one, you should try them out.

"No Questions Asked" Return Policy If you order feathers from me and are not happy for whatever reason, please contact me right away and I will resolve the problem.

From 10's to the 20's, these capes are available in all the core colors. think the capes are nice, wait till you see the saddles, please visit my page; The feathers on this 1/2 saddle might be short, 5 to 7 inches, but they are the same high quality you've come to expect from Whiting.

For the same price as a Whiting 100 Pack, you get more than 3 times the feathers.

Today, thanks to Rick Dailey, it is now making a phenomenal comeback.

The stems are flexable, the barbs are stiff and the count is high. Keough Hackles offers an exceptional grade of hackle at an affordable price. Both are an excellent value and you can be assured that you will tie the maximum number of flies for the least amount of money.

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I'm also going to be offering dark barred ginger at this price.

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