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He launched 73, a competing magazine, which promoted emerging technologies as do-it-yourself projects.

A pioneer promoter of SSB, FM, solid-state, easy construction projects, and the marriage of personal computing and amateur radio.

The printed 73 Magazine index from 1960-1990 is about 100 pages.

I suggest contacting him if this or his software would be useful to you.

Prior to beginning his own publications, Wayne Green started an amateur radio teletype newsletter.

He said he didn't know of any source other than scanning in over 50,000 pages.

Which he thought was daunting to sell maybe dozens of CDs.

While the resulting "Wayback Machine" is one of their best known projects, the Archive also engages in curated projects, such as the recent archive of all TV coverage on 9/11/01 at september11.

The 73 Magazine Collection on the Internet Archive can be found here: Concerning a searchable master index of articles.

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However, Buckmaster was one of the first to have microfilmed, and later, scanned issues of the magazine.

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