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All you need is a good gaming PCFor many the 00 mark is an important cut-off.Computers under this are generally considered affordable, even “mainstream,” while those exceeding it are looked at as luxurious items. and a love for racing.i Racing is a mind-blowing racing simulator that features everything from deep controls and customization to beautiful visuals.However, it’s best played without the assists for a truly intense F1 racing experience.The simulations are accurate, and once you get used to feel of going over 200 miles-per-hour down a track, it’s just a fantastic good time, even if you don’t actually enjoy watching F1 racing as a fan. It lets you get a taste of the racing experience without spending a dime, and the game really grabs you, you can start buying things that interest you.They are meant for the player who wants to live every detail just like they were driving a real car.The games we are going to talk about today are for big racing fans only.It includes plenty of high-end performance cars, tracks, and it features beautiful graphics and an accurate physics model that any fan of racing will enjoy., but in a game like this, it’s actually a good thing.

It’s all about creating the most authentic experience possible in your home, and even though it’s still technically in open beta, it delivers on that promise in a big.

I came across a couple of racing games I hadn't spotted on Source Forge before.

They're both well rated by the user base there, and they both promised to offer realistic physics engines that would make...

It’s still in early access on Steam, which means the game is not completely done and features will continue evolving over time, but it’s only going to get better, and it’s already quite good.

This game has plenty of modes and variety to keep you busy, with a career mode, tons of cars, and real-life circuits that are all tons of fun.

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