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1131 King Henry grants the first Charter to the town.1132 King Henry spends Christmas at his palace at Dunstable.In return he is “to find for the prior fitting entertainment (lodgings), three times a year, if he comes with four horses, or twice a year if he comes with six horses”. Richard, canon of Merton, is made Prior of Dunstable. Fremund are brought from Oxfordshire to Dunstable Priory.

1205 Sir Gaufridus le Cauceis grants the Church of Bradeburn (Derbyshire) with its chapels etc., for the support of the hospice at Dunstable.

An eclipse of the sun and moon is recorded by the canons.

1209 King John sends a letter granting safe conduct to those collecting alms on behalf of the Hospital. The prior documents his vision of two Jews who said Anti Christ would be born 40 years later.

The signature of Bernard, Dunstable's first Prior, appears this year on a document at Aldgate monastery, which looked upon Dunstable as its daughter foundation.

1130 A payment of one penny a day is authorised for a steward to look after the house (royal residence) when the King is not here.

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1123 King Henry I and his court spend Christmas at Kingsbury, Dunstable.

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