Company of heroes opposing fronts validating media crack

Find ways to arm more of the "good guys" like him who can take out the "sickos." Get rid of bans on certain types of guns and magazines so that "good, honest people" can own the guns of their choice.

You have been watching too much TV sports, coach-dude.

Eliminate the "marriage penalty" for taxpayers and get rid of the alternate minimum tax.

Get rid of most corporate tax loopholes or incentives, but continue to allow taxpayers to deduct mortgage interest and charitable donations from their taxes.

We're never, ever going to lose." Comments so far; mtnyoung Trad climber Twain Harte, California Nov 9, 2016 - pm PT Nice Tad.

Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on." Trump would allow exceptions for dignitaries, business people, athletes and others who have "proven" themselves.

Bar Syrian refugees from entering the country and kick out any who are already living here.

Trump has said he's open to the idea of closing some mosques.

Leave troops in Afghanistan because it's such "a mess." Protect Israel.

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Force Nabisco to once again make Oreos in the United States.

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